Toxic People Vs. Healthy Environment


When we consider doing a cleanse, we usually think about what we put into our bodies— the food that we eat. We forget that there are other ways to cleanse. One thing I’ve been working on a lot is understanding how my relationships make me feel... I’ve been trying to figure out who truly make me happy and nourish my soul.

This is not always easy, as there will always be people in our lives that we can’t seemingly let go of. There will always be people that will make us unhappy that we feel stuck with.

When it comes to letting go of toxic relationships, I have found that it is extremely difficult to do so in a way that isn’t hurtful. It’s almost easier sometimes to put that person’s well-being over ours. When we do this though, someone still inevitably gets hurt and the situation just gets worse. Have a conversation, but also remember that people grow apart and that’s okay.

Featured, Soul, MindSarah Franco