Intuition - The 6th Sense


When I practice yoga, I sometimes get stuck in a position that is challenging and immediately feel resistance in my body or my mind. My mind might say things like "you can't go further" or "stop, you might hurt yourself" and then my body reacts to those thoughts by tensing up and restricting my breath flow. 

I learned that over time and with practice, I need to trust my intuition instead of letting my thoughts dictate my actions. When I am still in a pose and breathing steadily, it allows me to go inward so I can feel what is right or wrong, whether I can push myself further or take it easy.

It's like the "yin and yang" practice of finding a balance that works for us in our daily lives. We learn to find our edges and to push our boundaries, while trusting our gut to know when to hold back. This allows us to grow and evolve in a safer way, even if we might fall along the way.

I believe falling allows us to be playful and to get in touch with our inner child. Remember when you were a kid and you just didn't care about getting scrapes on your knees? That's how we learn to grow and get a sense of what does and doesn't work for us.





MindSarah Franco