Sarah has been practicing yoga since 1995 and teaching in New York City since 2008. She has experience in diverse lineages— receiving a 200-hour certification in 2009, ADVANCED TRAINING AT BARKAN IN 2010, completing the BAKRAN method training in 2011,  a 500-hour course by Master Sri Dharma Mittra, and sound practitioner training in 2017.


Her story begins 18 years ago when she pursued her Master’s degree in social work at New York University while working as a therapist for addiction and underprivileged teens. She was always passionate about helping others.


Although she was a natural athlete, stretching was never easy for her.  after winning First place in Her Borough (Brooklyn) during the 2008 NYC Marathon, She experienced an injury THAT helped her find yoga. After several months, Sarah started to feel a shift in her practice. It became more than just a way to stay active and keep fit— it became a form of healing. Realizing the connection between breath and movement marked the beginning of her journey toward self-discovery.


Yoga has since been a crucial part of Sarah’s growth and continues to help her overcome boundaries. As a competitive runner and a lifelong lover of dance with a deep appreciation for movement therapy, she invites her students to experience the enjoyment of breath, richness of sensation, AND vitality of the body.